Shanghai Health officials had stoked hopes of returning to normal earlier in the week. Claiming that recent patterns suggested Shanghai had effectively curtailed infections.

During a regular press conference on April 21, Reuters reported that Shanghai citizens would remain in place, despite zero cases outside quarantined areas.

Chongming district official Zhang Zhitong refers to localities that allow residents to go out, “For those in prevention areas, we have to continue to ensure that they don’t become ‘free to fly’ areas.”

Zhang added that in Chongming, supermarkets remain closed, drivers are allowed to travel on highways with prior consent, and only one person from a household can leave home each day.

Jingan is home to almost 1 million people and the city’s most opulent shopping malls. It no longer allows residents to go out to avoid massive gatherings. People who assumed their lives would return to normal earlier this week are becoming increasingly frustrated.

Economic Times reported that The Shanghai government refused to provide people with funeral services, citing COVID.

The residents live under strict control with difficulty getting food, a loss of income, and family separation.

On the other hand, businesses are starting to reopen under “closed-loop management,” living on-site, daily testing, and strict disinfection.

Tesla Inc, a California-based electric carmaker reopening, received extensive coverage. However, industry groups warn that facilities face logistical challenges and are still far from restoring full output.

COVID-19 has claimed the lives of 12 people in Shanghai as of April 23. According to the Shanghai authorities, the patients who died had an average age of 88. None of them had been immunized, and all had underlying medical issues.

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