Shanghai’s two-month lockdown has left a shadow in the hearts of local residents, but the local government is asking them to share heartwarming photos, videos, and stories during the city’s closure.

Reuters citing a Wen Hui Bao report revealed on July 10 that the local authorities called on the public to tell their touching stories of the Covid-19 epidemic and spread the culture of volunteerism.

They also requested that the content now carry on the traditional values of unity, friendship and mutual assistance, such as uploading touching photos and videos of food donations to the elders on WeChat.

The finest works will be featured in an exhibition that launches in August. And people can submit materials via the WeChat app through the end of the month.

The request came despite public grievances regarding the lockdown.

Shanghai, China’s most populous city, had been closed for more than two months in an effort to prevent the epidemic. The lockdown confined millions of people to their homes and led to widespread public discontent. 

Many people complained about shortages of food and medical supplies, the forced isolation of infected people in facilities. They also cried on the inconsistent and silly rules of district governments and community councils, which were all blocked by Internet censorship.

Shanghai returned to a semblance of normality in early June, but its residents must still undergo regular tests to enter shops and other public areas. Many large residential buildings and apartments have been closed to prevent new Covid strains from spreading.

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