The covid-19 epidemic has resurged in Shanghai, and dozens of local cases have been added every day. 

During a July 16 press conference, local authorities informed the number of KTV-related positive infections had dominated the city’s positive reports. As of 16:00 on July 16, 23,000 close contacts and 50,000 sub-close contacts of relevant positive infected persons have been investigated.

KTV is located at No. 148 Lanxi Road, and the epidemic outbreak is mainly due to the gathering activities of related infected persons and the common exposure in a relatively closed space.

The local government decided to impose strict controls on some communities. Residents are becoming more and more resistant.

The video shows residents in a closed community gathering in the dark. They are blocked inside the gate of the community while a large number of police officers are stationed outside.

The residents are singing the national anthem to protest the lockdown. They shout in unison, “Lift the lockdown!” while surrounded by police.

In another neighborhood, a suspected anti-epidemic staff member is holding a loudspeaker, trying to say something. A crowd of citizens shouts, “Let the city leaders come!”

A resident shouts, “Who are you? What is your status?”

The staff member replies, “Tomorrow morning at 6:30 am, all residents of the district will do one more nucleic acid test!”

A female voice, “I won’t go!”. Voices are raised among the residents.

Some workers are sleeping in the underground garages overnight. The scenes of “sleeping on the street” have been reproduced.

Some residents try to flee Shanghai for fear of being trapped in the city. 

A female citizen shows a video of a public water closet. She says that now in Shanghai, people have to scan the code to go to the toilet. If you don’t and you are in a rush, you won’t even have a place to urinate, and must hold until you reach home.

As of July 17, Shanghai had 9 high-risk and 105 medium-risk areas.

On July 16, the financial hub added 2 new local confirmed cases and 24 asymptomatic infections. From July 3 to July 16, a total of 113 local positive cases and 471 asymptomatic infections were reported in the city.

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