The wave of pay cuts by the Chinese regime has affected not only civil servants, but also teachers. The most recent was a pay cut for teachers in Yantai Development Zone, Shandong province. As a result, a large-scale demonstration of teachers broke out against the salary cuts. However, the authorities sent police to suppress the protesters. The local government’s decision to suppress teachers quickly became a hot topic on social media.

On Wednesday, June 15, teachers at the senior high school in Yantai Development Zone, Shandong Province took to the streets to protest.

A video recorded hundreds of teachers that gathered in the courtyard of a school and shouted: “Together, teachers don’t worry.”

Chinese-language media South Of Hope reported that this was the result of teachers protesting against the policy of cutting and reducing their salaries.

On social networks, a letter from a teacher to parents emerged, in which the teachers clearly explained why they did so and wished for understanding and support from parents.

The letter reads, “It is unfortunate that such a thing has happened, from a child’s perspective, looking at us like a bunch of very pitiful, miserable children standing in the school’s gymnasium, sitting in their conference room, waiting, only to see no sign of leadership to give us a convincing answer.”

“We were deceived.”

The letter states that the school not only has not paid performance wages for two years, but wages have also been reduced to levels of ten years ago. The school also forced teachers to return their income, from $7500 up to $15000 (50,000 to 100,000 yuan). Some teachers also have two months of unpaid salary.

The teachers are facing high house prices in the development zones. And there are no social resources to help them deal with problems they might be facing.

“We are very conflicted, because our dearest students are waiting for us in the classroom, and we have never forgotten our mission to teach and educate people/students. We believe that the eyes of students yearning for knowledge shine with the most beautiful light, which is happiness in our profession.The biggest source of this is that we didn’t want to attack for a minute, we tried all methods but no results.”

The letter added that school leaders also ignored teachers’ actions to protect their rights. The teachers have to stand up because they can’t stand the exploitation anymore. At the end of the letter, the teacher asked the parents for understanding and support.

“We are not afraid of poverty, we are not afraid of suffering, we really can’t stand being bullied and exploited forever. We have no power or strength, so we can only show our faces, express our anger and helplessness in such a silent way! ”

The letter was later deleted from online platforms in Mainland China. But screenshots are still circulating on the internet.

And like that, the protest took place as we know it. However, instead of finding a way to solve the problem peacefully, the police intervened.

Several riot police were dispatched to suppress the teachers’ demonstration.

@TragedyInChina Tweeted a video showing that the authorities had dispatched a large number of police and special police to the scene.

A man drove past the scene and filmed a video of police cars lined up along the street.

Some teachers protesting at the scene were taken away by police.

Another video shows police moving in a long line, numbering several hundred.

One video shows three policemen bending a teacher’s arm behind his back, grabbing the teacher’s neck and pushing him towards the police car with the door open. Many other teachers who witnessed the incident shouted and protested.

After the incident, Chinese-language media South Of Hope collected some comments from netizens.

“Not afraid to divide little, but afraid to divide unevenly. If the pay cut is correct, then teachers, doctors, and policemen should be treated fairly. Moreover, the development used to attract a large number of graduates from prestigious schools to teach with the slogan of high salaries. If this issue is not handled properly, future talent introductions will be really bad.”

“I can’t imagine what kind of government would force teachers to go on demonstrations, let alone send the police to suppress protesting teachers. Two thousand years of feudal government have not been able to do it. In a hundred years modern bourgeois government has not been able to do it. But the typical government of the new era has done it”.

“Yantai development zone, the people’s police arrest the people’s teachers.”…”One month’s salary is not enough to pay the monthly mortgage, how do teachers in your district live for more than ten years?”

Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan also noted the comments.

“The way to handle salary cuts and salary reductions is completely wrong, even forcing teachers to go. Is the teacher really arrested? Adjust your attitude, okay? Sending students home early is afraid they will see this scene, right? Afraid that the students will see the above scene?”

“According to the comment, the teacher’s salary has dropped to the level of ten years ago, and if accepted, it will be cut by 50,000 to 100,000 yuan… If all of this is true then I don’t think anyone can accept it.”

“The core is that the economic downturn has led to the emergence of various social conflicts.”

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