Recently, a document concerning Shandong Ludong University’s decision to punish student Sun Jian circulated online.

On March 31, Ludong University signed a document notifying Sun Jian, a 2020 master’s student at Shandong Ludong University, about his expulsion from school as punishment. Sun Jian made remarks that were considered untrue and inappropriate about the country, Shandong Province, Yantai City, and the school’s epidemic prevention and control measures.

After being expelled from the university for holding a placard protesting campus closure management and full nucleic acid testing on campus on March 27, he was detained by the local police.

The next day, he was returned to school from the public security bureau but continued to post videos and related remarks about his school placard through Douyin, Weibo, and WeChat.

On December 24, 2021, Sun Jian published an open letter to the leaders of Lutong University on his WeChat, in which he disagreed with the epidemic-prevention approach because it caused great inconvenience to students’ lives. He questioned why students could not enter and leave the university freely when there was no epidemic in Yantai. In addition, Sun Jian raised the inequality in the prevention process, saying that these strict restrictions did not affect teachers’ access to the campus.

He also pointed out various other areas that need to be improved.

The document stated that Sun Jian’s behavior seriously violated national laws and regulations and school discipline. As a result, Ludong University decided to expel him from school.

The expulsion decision on March 31 said that if there is any objection to the decision, the student has 10 working days to file a written appeal with the school.

Sun Jian made a public statement when Ludong University announced the disciplinary decision to expel him from his student status, saying he would protect his rights and interests.

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