On November 15, a bank robbery happened at the Tai’an branch of the Bank of China in Tai’an, Shandong. A large number of armed police and special police appeared at the scene right after the gunshots broke out. 

Several online videos uploaded on the internet show the incident occurred at noon that day. 

The robber was believed to have been shot dead. Yet, the Tai’an police did not confirm this information, only saying that “the scene has been controlled.”

The citizen who filmed the video said that the bank was robbed and that everything was blocked. 

Taishan District Public Security Bureau staff confirmed to mainland media that the police had come to the scene to handle the situation. Yet, they didn’t inform if the suspect was armed. 

Witnesses also revealed that the robbers had taken a citizen working at the bank hostage. As a result, several police officers showed up in front of the bank at about 13 o’clock.

According to another eyewitness, a person was carried into the ambulance and taken away after a loud noise was heard. 

Many people gathered at the scene. Nearby roads were also blocked.

The Taian police have not released any information on the bank robbery case as of press time. 

In this regard, netizens left their comments:

“In what age, there are still people who dare to rob banks.” 

“The epidemic is hurting people, and they can’t afford to live.” 

“Is there any demand that needs to be paid attention to? Or is the epidemic really hard to survive? It feels like bank robbery can only be seen on TV. I never imagined it.”

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