While the whole world is beginning to learn to live with the COVID pandemic, China is still steadfast in its “Zero COVID” policy. 

According to NetEase, after detecting two positive cases of COVID on September 29 during screening at key points, the authorities immediately took action to prevent an outbreak in Dongying city, Shandong .

As of 14:00 pm on September 30, 940 people with close contacts, 879 people with secondary close contacts, and 1,327 key personnel had been confirmed. After that, isolation and control measures were established.

In addition to controlling those who have had close contact with two COVID-19 positive cases, from September 30, Dongying city has organized COVID screening tests in many areas across the city. And 1.71 million samples have been completed with the test results of all the above-mentioned personnel “all negative.” Besides, Dongying designated two areas as high-risk areas and adopted “lockdown and controlled” measures such as “stay at home and provide door-to-door service”.

This has made many people angry when entering the long National day holiday period. As reported by Xin Tang Ren, many people have complained that they must cancel their holiday trips. A person said that important plans in life such as a wedding have also been postponed.

Chen, a medical expert in Shandong, told Radio Free Asia that the above extreme practices of the Dongting government are completely useless, labor-intensive, and contrary to science. He added it had become a political compulsion to maintain stability.

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