Following the lockdown lifted announcement from Shanghai on May 15, many people managed to escape Shanghai to return home.

However, many local places have also introduced quarantine policies for college students returning home from Shanghai.

China media Sohu reported that students returning to Shaanxi going through quarantine revealed on the internet that the anti-epidemic worker asked students to sign the “voluntary self-paid isolation notice.” However, the prices of accommodation and meals in the isolation hotel were high.

Students need to pay all the costs during the quarantine period at once, the accommodation fee is 300~500 yuan (about 45~75 dollars) per day, and the food price was charged at 100 yuan (about 15 dollars) per day.

Some students don’t have enough money, but the relevant staff told them, “If you don’t have money, go back to Shanghai!”

Although the price paid is high, the students said the living conditions in those facilities were poor; the wall paint peels off, the bed sheets are moldy, and there are mice and cockroaches. In addition, the food quality was not worth the price, as the portion was small and with no meat.

Besides that, a conversation revealed by students on social networks shows the local county committee has a meal free in the back kitchen. If they are the children of county committee colleagues, they can have meals for free.

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