During a practical class on October 8 in Qujiang, Shaanxi Province, a primary student accidentally fell into a dry well that was 7 meters (about 22 feet) deep. Days of constant rain had inundated the well, causing it to accumulate water.

As NetEase reported, the students went outside to pick up pomegranates. 

Unfortunately, the 7-meter deep well lies next to the pomegranate tree.

According to Hong Kong news media outlet Singtao, the parents of the deceased boy later discovered that the well was covered only with wooden boards. Grass was growing on it. There were no fences or warning signs around.

Due to the green grass covering, it’s even hard for adults to tell the danger. The well, therefore, is like a ‘death trap.’

Twenty minutes after the boy fell into the well, the firefighters came to rescue him.

Yet, the little student lost consciousness after being rescued. He was later pronounced dead.

The family was also at the scene. They sat on the ground crying.

After the tragedy unfolded, the father of the deceased student cried and questioned the school leaders. He blamed the school for not checking safety before organizing such an activity.

He said that the well was 7 meters ( about 22 feet) deep, and the water in the well was 2 meters (nearly 7 feet). 

He asked if the school knew there was such a well underneath the grass. 

According to mainland media reports, the dry well was already built at the same time when the school was completed in 2020. But the well had only been covered with wooden boards for the past two years.

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