Heavy rains and floods have occurred all over China since May. A video shows Banshi town, Jilin province suffering severe flooding. 

Crops are ripe, and it’s time to harvest, but floods have washed all of them away.

According to the China Meteorological Administration, torrential heavy rain started to hit  Jilin on the night of June 3.

Since then, torrential rain continues to batter in most areas within the province, with an average precipitation of 34.1 mm as of 8:00 on June 5. 

The maximum rainfall of 113.4 mm occurred in Xiaoguang Village, Baicheng city.

The local meteorological bureau launched a four-level emergency warning response to rainstorms. Provincial, municipal, and country meteorological departments strengthen duty and communication linkage and close monitoring of weather changes to jointly prevent and control heavy precipitation status.

According to China’s National Climate Center, the nation is expected to face more extreme weather during the rainy season from May to September than its historical levels. 

While some northern parts suffer more intense rainfall, some eastern and southwestern regions experience more droughts. These extreme weather events have wreaked havoc on the lives of residents in related regions by submerging homes and washing away crops.

According to the Associated Press, nearly 1.8 million people have been affected, mainly in rural, mountainous regions, 286,000 people have been evacuated to safety, and more than 2,700 houses have been damaged or collapsed completely.

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