Since early June, Guangxi has faced consecutive heavy rains, causing flooding in many places.

China’s Ministry of Emergency Management reported on June 18, 14 cities, 110 counties, and over two million people were affected. Nearly 150,000 people were relocated urgently and about 300,000 people needed emergency support. 

As reported by Xinhua, heavy rainfall on June 17 severely affected many places in Rongshui county, Liuzhou city, Guangxi province. 2 people were killed, one was injured, and 2 missing in a road collapse

The incident occurred in a mountainous area where huge rocks with muddy water flowed down the mountain from a valley.

According to Guangxi News TV, heavy rainfall caused disasters in many villages in Daoshui Town, Changzhou District, and Wuzhou. Floods hit ten villages in the entire Qianshui town. The flood also caused damage to more than 200 acres of farmland. The roads between more than a dozen groups have been entirely disrupted due to severe waterlogging across the entire village.

Floods in mainland China have become normal for nearly a decade. Last summer’s floods in Zhengzhou, Henan also killed hundreds of people. Timednews outlet attributed the disaster to the government’s disaster management agency’s failure to evacuate people on time. Besides, the government’s investment in water conservancy projects is modest.

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