The number of COVID cases has increased in northern Inner Mongolia and the northwest region of Xinjiang.

Many tragedies have unfolded in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. An incident involving several officials from the local sub-district office gathering to drink sparked public outrage.

According to Chinese media Apollo, the video owner said the incident occurred at midnight on November 7 in the Party and Mass Activity Service Center of Jianhua North Street Community in Yuquan District, Hohhot. [VIDEO]

The video reveals that even though it was midnight, there were men and women inside eating and drinking loudly.

Under the “zero-COVID” policy, pandemic-related restrictions have caused a public outcry. The action of these officials prompted people’s anger. 

Many netizens then left comments expressing their thoughts:

“Don’t you need to go to jail? Text messages every day inform you that you will be legally responsible for the spread of the pandemic if you don’t do nucleic acid testing.”

“The city has been silent for more than a month, and the people are suffering at home all the time, but you are drinking freely … Who gave you the privilege?!”

Under the pressure of public opinion, the Yuquan District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision on November 7 confirmed that these cadres gathered to drink during the pandemic prevention and control period.

Related cadres were all punished. Some were dismissed from their local authority positions, while others were placed on party probation.

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