China’s 20th National Congress begins on October 16. This once-in-five-year important political event happens as Beijing has seen a spike in COVID cases. As a result, strict lockdown measures have been imposed since then.

According to China News Agency, from September 29 to October 14, the capital city reported 112 local COVID cases involving 11 districts.

Beijing has eight medium-risk areas and seven high-risk areas as of October 14. In addition, on October 12, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei express bus was suspended.

One day before the National Congress, authorities put many communities in Beijing under lockdown.

The staff of the Neighborhood Committee of Fuguoli Community in Xicheng District informed that the community is classified as a high-risk area and no one can go out.

COVID prevention and control staff are also seen in Xicheng District.

The Beijing Arts and Crafts Museum, the Capital Food Museum, and the China Geological Museum have all announced that they are temporarily closed.

As the eve of the 20th National Congress draws close, many things have been banned by the Chinese regime. 

In addition to the lockdown due to COVID prevention, Beijing has also tightened control over express delivery and drone flying, among many other things.

The number of security guards on Chang’an Avenue in Beijing has increased significantly. It is the main east-west road through the center of Beijing.
According to Reuters, from October 6 to October 23, these 42 guards were responsible for keeping a 24-hour watch on those the authorities considered troublemakers.

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