Photos and videos of children held in separate quarantines in Shanghai hospitals went viral on the internet on April 1, provoking widespread anger.

A series of hospital cribs, each containing many young children, seemed to be placed in the hallway of the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center in the city’s Jinshan area.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the video’s owner, a Shanghai woman who has a 6-year-old son at the Jinshan facility, later removed the video from her account. She said that the video had been sent to her by a volunteer at the hospital.

The New York Times also wrote that the health center did not deny that parents with Covid were separated from their children. The health center stated that those clips and pictures were real.

Reuters posted a story where Esther Zhao and her nearly 3-year-old girl were tested positive at a Shanghai hospital. Doctors threatened that her daughter would be left at the hospital if she did not agree to transfer the girl to the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center in Jinshan District.

Through tears, she told Reuters, “The doctor said Shanghai rules are that children must be sent to designated points, adults to quarantine centers, and you’re not allowed to accompany the children.”

Zhao is even more worried when seeing pictures of crying children at a Shanghai hospital have gone viral in China.

The Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center then said that the photos and videos were not recorded at the Jinshan infant quarantine facility. It explained that the scenes were taken when the hospital relocated its pediatric ward to a new building to deal with an influx of COVID pediatric patients.

The Consulate General of France in Shanghai on March 31, on behalf of the European Union member states, sent a letter to the Shanghai Municipal Government, urging them not to separate parents and children for epidemic prevention policies.

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