The Chinese regime’s designs on global expansion makes a country like South Korea very wary! Groups of Korean citizens protested at Seoul National University, one of Korea’s most prestigious universities, demanding that the school remove the Document Library donated by Xi Jinping.”

South Korea’s Dong-a Ilbo newspaper reported on October 19, when parliamentarian Ha Tae Kyung inspected the school, he questioned if the school had opened a 400 square foot library just because Xi had donated 10,000 books. Then he asked, “Is Seoul University a branch of Peking University?” This embarrassed the school’s principal, Oh Se-jung, who said that the removal of the library would be discussed.

According to the Seoul National University website, the “Document Library donated by Xi Jinping” was established in October 2015 to commemorate the visit of Chinese leader to Korea in July 2014. A year later, Xi donated 10,000 books and documentaries related to China.

However, the school designating an area to Xi has sparked outrage from parliamentarians. They strongly condemn the university.

As MBC News reported, South Korean Christian conservative groups also launched a protest at Seoul University a few days ago, strongly condemning some professors for ignoring China’s global ambitions and not being afraid to display pro-Chinese behavior. This Xi library is actually China’s united front for Korean education. But one of Korea’s leading educational institutions has its own library for the head of the worst dictatorship, which will put a stain on Seoul National University.

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