The Cultural Revolution was a bloody period characterized by slaughter and suffering. It began in 1966 and was executed by Mao Zedong to achieve total possession of the country and establish communism as absolute power.

Although the Cultural Revolution was implemented throughout China, the Guangxi region was the center of massacres, sexual violence, and cannibalism.

For decades, the CCP has been trying to hide the truth and cover up the crimes of this brutal massacre by creating a lot of false historical material. However, classified files obtained from the CCP Central Committee and independent research on the Cultural Revolution in Guangxi revealed the terrible Chinese Holocaust that lasted ten years.

The confidential documents unveiled stem from an investigation that the leaders of the CCP Central Committee, the Central Commission for Discipline Control, and the Ministry of Public Security had to conduct due to many complaints and denunciations filed in Beijing over the deaths and disappearances. The investigation, called “Legacy Management,” which lasted more than four years, obtained direct information from the party committees of various localities, cities, and provinces.

The following analysis table shows the great disparity of the data on the number of victims in the historical documents provided by the CCP compared to the confidential files discovered.

Province nameOfficially published dataData in official secret filesThe disparity in the number of people
Total number of victims623917,96511,726

Also, below are statistics of cannibalism victims, information that the CCP denied and tried to conceal, and which emerged from confidential files.

ProvinceOfficial recordsSensitive file data
Wuxuan 075
Lingshan 036
Pubei 035
Shangsi 026
Longan 021
Wuming 012
Víctims eaten in Guangxi0302

The tables conclude that the CCP attempted to eliminate the record of a total of 11,726 murders and 302 deaths by cannibalism.

The CCP leadership planned the brutal massacre, and most of the murders were carried out against landlords, rich peasants, counterrevolutionaries, and their children.

In 1968, in addition, revolutionary committees were established in several provinces of Guangxi, led by Wei Guoqing, leader of the CCP Guangxi committee, and armed forces officials in the name of “defending the red regime,” directly participating in the massacre.

The secret files explain in detail the methods they used for the slaughter: beating, drowning, shooting, stabbing, cutting, dragging to death, cutting alive, crushing to death, burying alive, forcing people to hang themselves, rounding up and killing, ripping out the abdomen and cutting out the liver, etc.

In addition, the killers, after the slaughter, divided the victim’s property and food, such as chickens, ducks, pigs, and sheep, which belonged to the victim’s family, and were eaten at feasts and banquets.

The classified documents also reflect cases of rape, gang rape, sexual abuse,, and even humiliation and destruction of corpses using sexual violence.

The pattern of killing the fathers and raping the daughters of class enemies was normalized in the Cultural Revolution. Wives and daughters were also forced to be the wives of the killers. Girls were raped or gang raped. Some died on the spot, and others were strangled to death. Others died when their livers were removed or when their breasts and genitals were cut off for consumption.

Tactics used by the CCP during the Cultural Revolution and continued by the CCP in the last 30 years

The Chinese Communist Party has consistently implemented violent campaigns to “educate” society and not allow it the freedom to discern right from wrong.

To cause terror in society was one of the most used strategies by the CCP. To achieve it, they massacred en masse anyone who did not submit to their ideas, actions, or organization, as well as those who favored democracy. These bloody deeds are engraved in the minds of the common people, and no one dares anything anymore.

For example, the Tiananmen Massacre of 1989 was one of the most brutal events that still causes terror among the Chinese population.

According to investigations, the Chinese Communist Party killed around 10,000 unarmed pro-democracy protesters. Most of them were crushed by tanks in the streets or died in hospitals due to severe gunshot wounds.

While student demonstrations flooded the country, Jiang Zemin, who achieved the post of president by being the ideologue of the massacre and who was in charge of hiding all information, sent a secret letter to Deng Xiaoping, former leader of the CCP at the time, asking him to take “definitive measures” against the students; otherwise, “the Party and the nation would be brought to its knees.”

From that day on, the Chinese people remained silent for fear of the terrible reprisals of the Chinese government and could not even commemorate the death of the thousands of victims.

Another rampant incident of mass violence and, more recent, was the CCP’s infiltration of Hong Kong with its National Security Law.

Human, civil and political rights ceased to apply in Hong Kong when the CCP imposed the harsh National Security Law on June 30, 2020, to dominate Hong Kong citizens through violence, censorship, and imprisonment.

When Hong Kongers began to demonstrate for democracy and human rights, the CCP police were quick to repress, threaten, and imprison any pro-democracy citizens. In January 2021, authorities arrested 53 pro-democracy politicians for “subversion” for being part of a public opinion poll calling for upcoming elections. They also prosecuted with heavy sentences several lawyers for defending pro-democracy activists.

The Chinese regime has since pressured Hong Kongers to express their loyalty to the Chinese government publicly.

During the protests, police repression became so severe that in November 2020, there were arbitrary arrests where one woman even reported being raped by the police, and another was hit in the eye with a blunt object. The use of force was disproportionate and excessive, blows with firearms, police batons, tear gas, and rubber bullets were fired indiscriminately.

The relics of the Cultural Revolution continue and will not end until the CCP abandons its violent nature or definitively loses its power in China.

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