Wang Liwei, former vice-chairman of the Jinzhou Municipal Political Consultative Conference in Liaoning Province, has been accused of taking bribes.
Liaoning Province officially listed Wang’s case as one among three typical cases of damaging the business environment on May 06.

According to the charge, Wang has successively sought benefits for 13 people and received more than 44.63 million CNY ( around 6 million dollars) in business operations, project development, and project contracting.
Previously, Wang was expelled from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and removed from his current position in October 2021.

Wang Liwei is the second brother of Wang Like, Jiangsu Provincial Political and Legal Committee’s former secretary.

Wang Like was prosecuted on suspicion of taking and offering bribes, shielding and condoning underworld organizations and forging identity documents in November 2021.

Wang Liwei is not the only family member of Wang Like that was under investigation following the arrest of Wang Like.
According to Sina, Wang Like’s ex-wife, daughter, brother Wang Liwei and many other relatives were investigated before and after Wang Like turned himself in.

NTD News reported that the Wang family’s network also includes Li Wenxi, Xue Heng, and Su Hongzhang. They all once served as vice chairman of the Liaoning Provincial Political Consultative Conference and were charged with accepting bribes.

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