Recently, information has been spreading on the internet that the Ruzhou Five High Schools in Henan Province have been sealed off.

More than 1,400 teachers and students were centrally isolated. Many students had fevers and vomiting and were left unattended.

Teachers and students were taken to a centralized isolation point. However, it is without any protective measures, resulting in serious cross-infection.

Yibo, the headteacher, said there is still no medical staff at the school. The students in the dormitory use public toilets, which cannot meet the requirements of isolation.

The headteacher also pointed out that there is no water, power, nucleic acid testing, or medical staff. 

A female student also said that she hadn’t eaten for a day. Many teachers in her school also have a fever.

Many people believe that the Ruzhou government is still lying about the epidemic situation on the Ruzhou campus in Henan.

Ruzhou city officials are blocking the news. They request to delete articles and videos related to the epidemic situation immediately.

In Ruzhou, Pingdingshan, Henan Province, only 33 new positive cases were reported in the past five days. As of October 6, there were 181 asymptomatic infections and 6,905 close contacts under medical observation.

However, the outside world has always questioned official public data.

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