How to escape mainland China has been a hot topic recently. Political turmoil and economic recession have made local Chinese want to flee from their country through different channels. Reports across the internet have been sharing stories of Chinese who are desperate to flee China.

A Chinese man named Wang Qun told CNN in a video that it was worth it no matter how much he suffered. This man ran a boba tea shop. However, he desperately left his family behind in China, hoping to bring them to his dreamland United States one day.

According to the media, he used boats, buses, motorcycles, and even walked before illegally entering the U.S.

In addition, the BBC reported a story about a 34-year-old Jiangxi man named Sun Jincai on December 22. He began looking for a way to leave China to give his wife and three children a better future, believing China was going backward.

Sun Jincai had the idea of smuggling to the United States after knowing how a young woman walked through the tropical rainforest of Central America and then went north to the US-Mexico border. This woman shared her experience with Sun Jincai on WeChat.

The whole family boarded in Ecuador in August. Then they embarked on a long and dangerous journey northward. The smuggling route begins with a walk through the Darien Gap between Panama’s two provinces. This is an undeveloped tropical rainforest that is frequently haunted by armed bandits and drug cartels.

The family trekked through the canyon for many days and finally arrived in California, USA. Their journey took three months from China to the United States.

According to CNN, China’s COVID policy, authoritarianism, and stifling education in schools put Wang over the edge. Sun Jincan and Wang Qn both agree that China is going backward. 

Wang Qun said, VE-Please run the video 

“Even the past seven or eight years,everything is going backward. And Xi Jinping is going to get his third term. I see no hope.”

In another story, 30-year-old Wentao flew to Ecuador via Europe. According to Chinese media, Xiwang Zhisheng, Wentao, and three other Chinese men also traveled through the Darien Canyon to California, USA. The entire journey cost $8,000, which was most of his savings.

VOA Chinese cities statistics from the Panamanian government At least 1,300 Chinese traveled northward through the Darien Canyon this year. It is ten times higher than previous figures from the last ten years.
The respondent Milly helped hundreds of Chinese immigrate to Ecuador, including the super-rich and middle class. As she shared with VOA Chinese, 80% to 90% of people who leave China do so because they fear living in that society.

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