On March 29, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) delivered a speech at The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. He discussed the conflict in Ukraine and the threat posed to the United States by the Chinese government.

According to Senator Rubio, the Chinese government is the greatest threat to the American people and the country. “We have to empower government to counter Beijing’s infiltration,” he said.

Rubio, also Vice Chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence, added that the Chinese government has been working to disrupt the international order by weakening major powers and forcing smaller countries to rely on the Chinese government.

“In Beijing we have an adversary that also has a nuclear arsenal and it also but it also controls the critical supply chains and has an influence over global markets,” Rubio said on Tuesday.

In addition, untimely economic interests hampered U.S. efforts to combat Chinese espionage. Major U.S. companies and corporations lobby to block and downplay legislation banning the import of goods involving Chinese slave labor.

“It was American companies that lobbied to defeat to stop to impede my bill to block imports made with uyghur slave labor in china,” he explained.

In case of a U.S.-China conflict, the United States would continue to rely on China’s manufacturing industry, ultimately proving a disastrous national security problem.

He said that just as the United States is now attempting to disengage from the threat posed by Russian oil supplies, any attempt to disengage from commercial relations with China during a war would be a far greater problem.

To prevent that, the United States needs to revive its industrial capacity, especially in critical industries such as semiconductors and pharmaceuticals.

He said, “for decades, the members of the Chinese Communist Party hid their true ambition to remake the global order and to become the world’s most powerful nation. They don’t hide it anymore.”

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