Shanghai is struggling with food shortages, although the lockdown was officially lifted on June 1.

Its citizens are struggling to get meat, rice, and other food supplies. Some households received government food packages of meat and vegetables for a few days.

However, the quality of food supplies is not acceptable.

A video shows residents of the closed community in Meilong Fourth Village receiving rotten vegetables and stinky meat delivered by the government on June 14.

The video captured the opened food box and showed the spoiled food inside, which also stinks, according to one resident.

All the vegetables are rotten, and some of them are even moldy.

The air is filled with a strong, unpleasant smell from the meat inside the box.

Suddenly, staff nearby rush to take the stinky meat and throw it into the pile of bad-smelling meat.

A resident says all the meat is removed from the box after opening, and there are still a lot of unopened boxes in the storage areas.

He adds that the residents refuse to eat the rotten meat and vegetable packs.

Bad-quality food supplies from the government are nothing new.

Even during the strict lockdown before June, many residents had suffered in a similar situation. Some felt nauseated after opening a government-issued food packet, and others experienced various kinds of illness, such as diarrhea and stomach pains, after eating food delivered by local officials.

As of 0 to 24:00 on June 23, 2 new local confirmed Covid cases and one asymptomatic infection were found in isolation and control areas. Regarding imported cases, there are three new cases and eight asymptomatic infections, which have been found in closed-loop control areas.

The financial hub currently has 23 medium-risks areas across 12 districts.

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