What if robots are smarter than humans?

A video posted online on June 22 shows a girl playing the Rock-Paper-Scissors game with a robot. Under the given rule, whoever wins will hit the other. For the first time, the human demonstrates Scissors while the robot comes up with Paper. Therefore, the girl hits the robot on the head with a metal stick. The girl wins the second time with the Paper while the robot chooses Rock. She gives the robot another hit. However, for the third turn, the robot gets the Rock while she gets Scissors. The robot quickly grabs an object available on the table to beat the girl.

The scientist Ray Kurzweil, Director of Engineering at Google and the world’s leading expert on artificial intelligence, believes that computers will be able to learn from experiences, just like humans. He predicts robots will be more intelligent than humans by 2029.

And what would happen if robots become smarter than human beings. We leave it for the future to answer that.

Fangsheng practice in China

Sixth Tone shows Fangsheng practice in China in an article titled “Catch, Release, and Catch Again: The Problem with ‘Fangsheng'”

Fengsheng, or “life release,” is a common rite in China. It is a practice of saving animals, such as fish or birds, from captivity. When releasing animals into the wild, adherents believe they can preserve the equality between living things. Therefore, they can earn good karma. 

A video posted on July 2 shows a group of women doing a Fangsheng rite on the dock. They have just spared some fish by releasing them into the river. After that, they kneel down and recite a few lines of Buddhist scripture. Ironically, a man close to these women is fishing.

This is similar to the opinion of Li Aiying, the article’s author. She says that life release is “no guarantee of freedom.” Additionally, most practitioners don’t seem to pay much attention to the fate of the animals they try to set free.

Children’s mouths injured by cotton swabs

A social network user posted some pictures related to nucleic acid testing aftermath on children on June 30. Anti-epidemic medical staff used the standard tools – cotton swabs – in testing. However, they leave children with some mouth injuries. The user asks the government to lessen excessive nucleic acid testing while calling for parents to protect their children from harm.

A netizen says children are also required to be tested every 48 hours to get the green code. As a consequence, their tender mouths tend to abrade easily.

Others expressed sympathy for the children in particular and the Chinese people in general.

Big Whites deployed in Jiangsu

A video shows hundreds of Big Whites gathering on the streets in Wuxi city, Jiangsu province, on July 1. The video uploader says she cannot count how many anti-epidemic workers in hazmat suits are in the deployment.

A netizen says it is incredible watching this crowded force of workers. He cannot stand nucleic acid testing anymore.

The local website indicates Jiangsu reported two new imported cases and one local confirmed case from on July 1.

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