Many districts in Wuhan, the capital of China’s Hubei Province, have been put under so-called ‘silent management’ as COVID outbreaks hit this city. After the news broke out, a large number of residents decided to flee the city late at night. The road was jammed with vehicles, causing heated discussions among netizens.

According to Chinese media Xin Tang Ren, many districts in Wuhan have announced a notice of ‘silent management’ since the early morning of November 1. 

Among them, Wuhan’s Jiang’an District announced on October 31, that it would be silent for 5 days. Parts of the community on Qianjia Street are under seven-day silent management in Wuchang District.

The five-day silent management in Jiang’an District has caused panic among residents. Many people rushed to the supermarket to grab food and supplies.

Not only the supermarket but also the road was crowded with people. Some even drove out of the city late at night.

Roads were also blocked with iron sheets.

Netizens lamented: 

“I really didn’t expect this era, and I still have to grab food to survive.”

“Do you want to live this kind of life all your life?””Natural disasters are terrifying, man-made disasters are even worse.”

The authorities reportedly required other surrounding areas not to accept residents fleeing from Jiang’an District. And to report any strange residents who were not in their community.

Residents in some communities must climb iron barriers to enter and exit. On October 30, local netizens captured a video showing several military vehicles and military pandemic prevention vehicles suddenly appearing on the streets of Wuhan.

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