Two Chinese men are famous for their skillful acrobatics on an almost 20 ft long pole

Recently, an acrobatics performance video of two Chinese men has become popular online.

The footage shows two men performing risky stunts on a 19 feet 8 inch (6-m) bamboo pole. They make challenging moves like balancing with one hand.

Chinese media Sohu cited performer Wang Fuquan, saying that he has been training in acrobatics with his partner Li Meng since school in 1998, 24 years ago. However, they had a hard time and even had injuries before having success in “leverage” performance.

Acrobatics is one of the cultural arts that flourished in China during the Qin and Han dynasties. In China’s long history of thousands of years, it is constantly evolving and changing to give birth to unique performances in the direction of modern sports.

The man fell down a hole while engrossed with his phone

The vital role of smartphones in modern life cannot be denied. However, it can be dangerous if you stay engrossed in the virtual world of the smartphone.

Recently, a video was shared online showing a man in Shenzhen, Guangdong. He was so absorbed in his phone that he didn’t know there was a hole in the road. He fell into the hole and had to rely on the help of passersby to get out.

It is not uncommon in China, and there are many cases of falling while engrossed in looking at phones, even affecting lives.

The temple in Henan is known as ‘the world’s unique temple’

Bigan Temple in Xinxiang City, Henan Province, is China’s first structure that combines a tomb and a temple. This temple was built to remember and worship Bigan, a prince, martyr, and integrity official, more than 3,000 years ago.

Although this temple does not attract many tourists, it offers cultural and historical value and education for future generations.

There are many other stories about Bigan Temple, the bricks in front of the temple are all ancient bricks from the official kilns of the Ming Dynasty, and each piece has a seal. Even the plants inside the temple are unique. Most of them are “KANGKONG,” which have three leaves. The impressive thousand-year-old ancient cypresses “Happy cypress” and “Pingguan cypress” are also related to the story of Bigan’s “Seven Orifices and Exquisite Heart.” The emperors also left precious calligraphy steles in the temple from the Spring and Autumn of the Qing Dynasty.

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