Caixin reported on July 30 that on December 24, 2021, under the executive order issued by the Supreme Court, the Zhengzhou Intermediate Court successfully executed Zhang Chenggong for being guilty of rape.

The Sanmenxia Intermediate Court found Zhang Chenggong guilty of rape, sentenced him to death, and deprived him of political rights for life.

The incident happened at Sanmenxia Middle School in 1987.

The former 86-year-old school teacher, Luo Shuicheng, recalled, “The principal asked me to report the case, so I called the Public Security Bureau.” He said, “At that time, many people successfully protected Zhang. After I reported the case, a section chief in the Civil Affairs Bureau who had a good relationship with me interceded. Still, I disagreed, and we didn’t have any contact after that.”

He was born in 1957 in Henan and belonged to the first group of people who got rich in the 1980s and was a millionaire before he was 30. He is the actual controller of Zhengzhou Yuancheng Cultural Industry Co., Ltd. He started his business in the hydraulic machinery repair industry and then as the Malleable Steel Plant director.

From July 1987, Zhang Chenggong was detained until January 1997. From his disappearance on medical parole to his arrest in November 2011 and his release in May 2015. Zhang Chenggong served only 13 years in prison, including 1-2 years of medical parole.

An insider told Caixin: “When accompanying him inside, the insider learned that the materials for his medical parole and commutation were all fake. They were all made by the prison guards and related personnel with money.”

11 years after disappearing, Zhang Chenggong became the Chairman of the Henan Chamber of Commerce, Hunan Province, with the new name Chen Meizhong.

An insider said that Zhang Chenggong’s incarnation of Chen Meizhong’s household registration information was all false. “After he escaped on parole for medical treatment, he bribed the police in Yanling to create a new fake household registration information called Chen Meizhong and moved to Changsha.”

Especially the criminal ruling of releasing him on March 20, 2015, wasn’t released on the China Judgment Documents Network until August 9, 2021, after more than six years.

From the first incident in 1987 to the execution in December 2021, Zhang Chenggong’s bizarre 30-year journey back from the dead and back to justice has greater significance in uncovering a series of favoritism and corruption in the political and legal systems of public officials. The cover of the fraudulent, power-money deal. According to Caixin’s investigation, some Henan officials and the Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Li Junxin, are more or less related to Zhang Chenggong’s case.

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