The number of highly educated and well-paid women is upsetting gender ideology and traditional marriage norms in China.

For centuries in China, there was a belief that women must stand behind their husband’s success. Women are encouraged to marry rich men without pursuing their careers. Women’s achievements, high education, or good money are considered to be contrary to the interests of marriage and family.

But recently, many women have a high level of education that comes with financial independence and career success. They feel comfortable expressing their voice and power in the family.

According to Professor Pei Xuxin’s study, many women are comfortable making big family decisions, including investments, shopping, and children’s education.

Miu Miu, a businesswoman, 38 age, said, ‘I always discuss everything with my husband, but he never objects to anything. My husband is also responsible for things I don’t care about, but always consults first.’

Yao Li, 45 years old, the owner of a consulting firm, frankly said that as long as you don’t ask her husband for money, all decisions are up to her.

However, conflicts also arise when the husband is unwilling to accept this.

Miu Miu and her husband had severe discussions about divorce. She pointed out that Most Chinese men make demands on women with similar careers to their full-time homemakers.

Professor Pei Xuxin said that all the women in the study wanted most in a partner were respect, acceptance, support for personal space, the right to negotiate, and consent.

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