On November 1, Chinese social media mentioned the predicament of restaurant owners in Zhengzhou. They struggle to survive under pandemic control measures.

A female restaurant owner said that she felt she was on the edge of bankruptcy for the first time.

The online article pointed out that since the floods on July 20 last year, Zhengzhou has encountered many disasters. Primarily because of the pandemic, in the past year or so, the life of Zhengzhou people has been pressed to a pause button at least five times.

According to the article, many people need to repay their mortgages, car loans, and credit cards, and they have to borrow many other online loans to compensate.

In addition, the catering industry is the first to bear the brunt of disasters.

A female restaurant owner said, ‘I was walking on the Agricultural Road, from Jingsan Road to Zhongzhou Avenue, and almost all the shops along the way were closed.’

One catering boss said that if the pandemic continues, he will abandon the 400 stores to stop any more loss.

Another restaurant owner said that if he closed his business now, he would go bankrupt. He will sell his house and car if he can survive another two months.

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