Zhengzhou, the iPhone manufacturing hub, has implemented a quasi-lockdown on its 10 million residents in a move to curb COVID outbreaks. People in some areas are required to stay at home while others must restrict their activities to the district where they live. Several tragedies have occurred as a result.

A video uploaded on October 28 reveals the plight of the quarantined people. A woman from Zhengzhou recorded the video to complain that she has been locked alone in a laundromat due to COVID pandemic prevention. 

Another video posted on the Internet on October 27 shows how a Zhengzhou resident was allegedly beaten by several policemen on the street. 

This footage shows a group of people eating in a restaurant without masks. Suddenly, local pandemic prevention officers arrived and started breaking tables with an axe, threatening to arrest those people.

In one video, a Zhengzhou man and his friend were trapped in the wilderness for more than half a month after camping by the Yellow River. They were unable to return due to COVID outbreaks.
Chaos also occurred at the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou. According to Bloomberg, many of the 200,000 workers at the iPhone manufacturing facility in Zhengzhou, China, are quarantined due to a COVID outbreak. Some of them don’t get proper meals.

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