According to Chinese media Xin Tang Ren, after COVID-19 positive cases were found in many places in Shenzhen city, Guangdong province, several communities and villages were closed on June 22. [Video 0:00- 0:04]

Online video shows that a large number of roadblocks were put into place. [Video 0:04- 0:22]

Residents of Gangxia Village fled with their luggage due to fear of the village being shut down. [Video 0:04-0:22] [Video 0:29-0:33]

Young people also carried warm quilts and fled overnight. [Video]

On June 22, the Huangbeiling village in Luohu District, Shenzhen was closed. Many police cars were dispatched. Residents said they had begun to do COVID tests daily. [Video 0:39- 0:50]

On June 19, Shenzhen city conducted nucleic acid testing for all of its netizens. 

A Youtube video uploaded on June 20 shows that many citizens waited in long queues for COVID tests. The man who filmed the video said it was a large-scale COVID test, and he had to line up for at least 300 yards.

After waiting almost one hour to complete the COVID testing, the man said, “Well! People say that the throat is used to speak and sing, our Shenzhen people’s throat is used for nucleic acids!” 

Online video shows that on the 22nd, the Jingbeinan community in Luohu District, Shenzhen, was temporarily placed into lockdown, and people couldn’t enter. The video caption revealed that there are 50 buildings in the community.

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