Shanghai has been under lockdown for nearly two months. Citizens who suffered from the closure and control are resisting. Many areas of Shanghai have been gradually lifting lockdowns. However, community neighborhood committees of Huixianju community in Xuhui District, Shanghai, prevented residents from going out. The entrance and exit gates remained locked with iron chains.

According to the Chinese media news outlet Apollo, community residents discussed the matter on WeChat. Then, they all went downstairs at 4:00 p.m. on the 22nd to seek an explanation.

Dozens of people gathered at the iron gate not long after. The residents went to the neighborhood committee and demanded they open the locked door.

The crowd spilled onto the street as the door opened, and many walked to the sub-district office to voice their annoyance.

Community representatives said that Huixianju had met the requirements for lifting the lockdown on the community. They demanded the lockdown cease immediately.

Zhang, the director of the sub-district office, stated the community did not meet the criteria for becoming an epidemic-free community, so the lockdown will remain. It’s because, on the 19th, some people returned from the isolation points, and the community didn’t conduct 100% nucleic acid testing.

The community representative said this is not following the Shanghai government’s epidemic prevention policy.

The deadline for bringing the required document to the municipal government was 10 a.m. on the 23rd.

The news broke out early on the 23rd that the document did not arrive.

The community was unblocked as desired, and many people went out freely. Some people described the incident as unity is strength.

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