Anti-epidemic measures have been tightened in Wuxi city, Jiangsu province, since July 4. Residents rushed to grab food supplies overnight on July 3 while the local government reported new confirmed cases.

Wuxi had stopped normalized nucleic acid testing for a week before the current outbreak. 35 positive cases and another 34 positive ones were reported on July 3 and July 4, respectively. July 5 recorded 35 cases.

The local authorities added 24 high-risk areas and 12 medium-risk. They require all residents to show a nucleic acid negative certificate taken within 48 hours or proof of a test taken within 24 hours. Citizens are not allowed to leave Wuxi unless necessary.

The Chinese manufacturing hub has banned gathering at many public venues. Dine-in services in restaurants are not allowed. Inter-city bus services are also suspended. The government advises residents to work from home.

A resident says many communities have been closed. Buses, subways, and banks have been shut down. After announcing upgraded control measures, people rushed to supermarkets for food supplies at night. Now you cannot buy vegetables because people have grabbed them all. You cannot buy any even if you have money.

The number of tests has increased daily. The antigen must be done before the nucleic acid test. The time for results has been shortened, starting at 8 am and ending at 1 pm. In some communities, nearly 10,000 people stand in line for half an hour to an hour. The weather is so hot that many people faint from the heat.

Another citizen says she and her husband are cancer patients. The heavy medical expenses have put them in debt. They have just been discharged from the hospital. Because of the tight control in the city, it is difficult to go out to see a doctor. Now she feels very depressed because she has run out of money. Because of her illness, she keeps borrowing from others; however, when she gets poorer, people no longer want to lend to her. The couple hugs and cries together.

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