Residents demand resumption of work and production after a 2-month lockdown in Liaoning

Although the 2-month lockdown in Dandong city, Liaoning was lifted in June, several areas are still under strict regulation. Residents could not stand more lockdowns with no jobs, income, or supplies, so they protested and asked for help from authorities. Some gathered to demonstrate and chanted “lift the lockdown,” while others raised banners with slogans against nucleic acid testing. Some uploaded videos online to talk about their current miserable situation, and many people try and negotiate with anti-epidemic workers. However, no one cares, causing them to find their own way to lift the lockdown, such as removing barricades, tearing down the fence, or even climbing through the high gate to escape the community.

Agricultural Bank of China implements a daily withdrawal limit of $150

A video posted on June 20 shows a conversation between a depositor and a bank clerk. It takes place at the Agricultural Bank of China. The depositor wants to cash out his money. However, the bank tells him the daily withdrawal limit is just $150. He immediately asks for an explanation, but the banking staff does not answer. Many netizens are concerned about the Chinese banking industry and citizens’ plight. The Twitter user uploading this video is afraid that this is a money-sucking act. It is likely to wipe out the middle class overnight. Another echos that this is like robbing you without negotiation.

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