Restaurant chain “Pizza Hut” has over 2,600 restaurants in China, located in more than 600 cities, and belongs to Yum China Holdings Limited. Recently, a reporter from “Beijing News” secretly investigated two Pizza Hut stores in Beijing and discovered many hidden things.

After repeatedly receiving letters from employees of Chinese restaurants saying that the restaurant chain “Pizza Hut” had serious food safety problems, the reporter followed the stores in Harmony Plaza and the Weigongcun area since June. He discovered the store uses expired ingredients, especially oil still being used for frying food until the oil turns black.

On July 20, the “Beijing News” reported that expired foods included: meat products, rice, noodles, mushrooms, and even tea.

Reporters also discovered that the oil used to fry food is not replaced when required. For example, the oil first used on June 19, after five days, had turned black. However, the store manager said they could still use it after filtering.

On the morning of the 20th, the Haidian District Market Supervision Bureau went to two related stores to conduct an inspection. Accordingly, at the store in Harmony Plaza, a bag of French toast with an expiry date of July 19 was stored in the kitchen freezer. Also, the floor was greasy and slippery, and non-food items and personal clothing were stored in the food cabinet.

A long-time employee at the store revealed that, although the company has established standard procedures for handling food, it also requires the store’s lower-level managers to control costs, which is why they used expired ingredients.

Currently, “Pizza Hut” of China has released a statement that it will close the two stores in the report and conduct an investigation.

According to reports, the Chinese Yum Group has been accused by the media. The media exposed that its chicken products had excessive drug residues, also they used banned substances, then hid the test results from the public.

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