The CCP has banned any questions and resistance to its dynamic Zero-COVID policy. A few days ago, mainland China company Huatai Securities released a report saying that the new version of COVID-19 has a lower death rate than the flu. The report was quickly censored. 

The report

Huatai Securities is listed in Shanghai, Hong Kong and London.

On Wednesday, September 7, Huatai released a mind-blowing report. The report mostly talks about how the new version of COVID may have killed fewer people than the flu. It also talks about how many places in the Asia-Pacific region are relaxing their COVID measures. 

The report compiles data from Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, and other places in Asia. It shows that the new strain omicron BA.5 has raised the number of cases in the Asia-Pacific region one more time. However, the number of severe cases and deaths has instead gone way down. Notably, the rate is already lower than the “base case” for the number of people who die from influenza, and the decline in the intensity of the virus may be a “determined trend.”

The report also said that because many people with mild symptoms didn’t report them, the death rate in reality might be much lower than in the report. This means that the actual death rate may be lower than the estimated number reported.

The report also said that, based on how the pandemic fared in July and August, omicron BA. 5’s spreading overseas did not surpass the original strain. As the “destructive power” of new virus strains has gone down, COVID measures in different parts of Asia have become even less strict.

The report was taken down and censored less than 24 hours after it was published. Most of the reprints on mainland websites were also taken down, and Google snapshots of many webpages were no longer available.

Some internet users said Huatai Securities was “very brave” and wondered if the company and the two researchers, Yi Zheng and Zhu Xun, who wrote the report, would be punished.

China’s strict zero COVID receives concern

New variants of COVID have dropped in terms of their severity and mortality. As a result, many have questioned China’s continual strict zero COVID policy.

And many pitiful scenarios have sprung up during its strict COVID measures.

In this video, heart-piercing cries of the children could be heard from a quarantine cabin. Under China’s harsh measures, many were forced into these cabins without really getting COVID or being in close-contact with those who had it.

In this video, a line of earthquake relief workers are waiting to take the COVID tests.  

The person who posted this video on Twitter commented, that this is the first time these earthquake relief workers arrived, and were there to save people, but to do nucleic acid tests. 

He said in this case, human life is no longer important, and the only criterion for good and evil is whether you listen to the Party.

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