Hu Xijin, Global Times’s chief editor, unexpectedly announced his retirement through his personal Twitter account on December 16th.

Following this event, Sound Of Hope wrote that Xi Jinping will let one of his people take the seat as the chief editor of Global Times to consolidate politics.

According to Sing Tao Daily’s articles released on December 15th, Fan Zhengwei, deputy director of the commentary department of People’s Daily, will take the vacancy to strengthen the paper’s political orientation, Global Times is under the management of People’s Daily.

Fan, born in 1980 in Shaanxi, has worked as a member of the critical commentary column in People’s Daily’s review department since 2006.

He once appeared as the editorial representative spokesman, together with Xi Jinping, in a conference on the CCP’s work on news and public opinion in February 2016.

Following the taking-over of Global Times, how Fan’s journalistic style will change remains unknown, while Global Times’s journalistic style under Hu Xijin was a distinctive one, according to Sing Tao Daily.

Hu reinterpreted international affairs and secretly replaced the objective view with his view.

During Hu’s time, Global Times’s main content has even been joked about, being summed up as “the whole world wants to harm China.” Hu’s tone influenced the whole paper.

According to the article, Hu brought more Chinese people the opportunity to “look outside the world”, but through his own viewpoint.

Hu has made Global Times become the CCP’s most effective propaganda mouthpiece, Chang Ping, a senior communications officer, told Free Asia on December 15th.

According to Chang Ping, the target audience of both People’s Daily and Global Times are foreigners and mainlanders. However, their styles are completely different.

Global Times plays the role of a villain, explaining the information and creating public opinion.

Chang Ping took the CCP officials’ corruption as an example. People’s Daily will express its view, taking corruption as an intolerable crime.

At the same time, Global Times will consider corruption as an inevitable situation, persuading people to take it for granted.

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