China’s economic expert called for taking over Taiwan to pillage the chip maker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), which Taiwanese lawmakers denounced as bandits. 

Chen Wenling, a famous Chinese economist, recently gave a speech at an important forum. She said, “conquer Taiwan,” “take TSMC back,” and do everything possible to help Russia. 

On the Chongyang Economic Research Institute of Renmin University of China website, this unit and other organizations held an online forum on China-U.S. on May 30. The Institute’s website mentioned that, at the meeting, a research report titled “Major Encirclement and Suppression: Since the Russia-Ukraine Conflict, An Assessment of the advancement of US policy toward China and China’s response” was published. Some well-known experts, intellectuals, and industry leaders participated in the conference.” 

Chen Wenling gave a speech on China-U.S. relations. 

Ms. Chen said in an online video that the Chinese authorities should do a good job of responding in the short term and prepare a long-term plan to deal with the U.S. strategy to pressure and suppress the CCP.

Chen Wenling called upon the government to “conquer Taiwan” she said, “We must seize TSMC, a company originally from China and must now be taken back. They are speeding up the transfer to the U.S. and want to build six factories in the U.S., we must not let them do this transfer purpose.” 

Additionally, Chen Wenling also advised the authorities to “do everything to support Russia,” “have more actions in terms of trade,” and allow China-Russia to pass and promote the “Belt and Road” in conjunction with Putin’s Eurasian Union initiative.

According to China’s online data searching center Baidu, Chen Wenling is currently a senior economic expert at the China Center for International Economic Exchange (CCIEE) and the director of the Office of Research by the State Council of the CCP. Chen Wenling attended the symposium to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the “Belt and Road” Initiative chaired by Xi Jinping in 2018. She has frequently drafted important documents for the CCP Central Committee and State Council. Part of the speech was referenced in the internal report submitted to the high level on national development strategy and policy making. 

According to the Chinese version of the Epoch Times, Chen Wenling’s advice to the authorities mentioned above angered Taiwan’s media and critics. On June 7, Wang Dingyu, a Taiwanese legislator, posted sarcastic content on his social media account.

RFA also quoted Mr. Wang as saying that this irresponsible, and provocative talk came from a scholar of a very important research institute in China, which is regrettable. Such economists do believe that supply chains can be coerced by force. Still, they do not know that international supply chains’ cooperation, technology, components, and materials are precise labor assignments. 

Wang Dingyu warned: “The moment you attack by force, that division of labor does not exist. Illusory attempts to invade Taiwan and take TSMC by force not only show China’s ignorant, arrogance and pugnacity, but also shows that they can be the enemy of the world for its own sake.”

RFA Chinese reports that Wang Xiuwen, a research assistant at the Institute of Politics, Military and Combat at the National Taiwan Institute of National Defense and Security Studies, told the broadcasters: “China takes it (TSMC), and then what? Will TSMC keep it intact and serve you well? Not necessarily! Even if China has TSMC in their hands, it’s like you have a very powerful weapon, or the latest computer, but don’t know how to use it.”

The Epoch Times quoted Taiwanese news critic Xu Chenghuang as saying on the program “Advance New Taiwan”: “TSMC is not yours, but you have to take it, this is the concept of a born bandit.”

Xu Chenghuang said: “If this economist’s speech is not a slur, I think she is speaking to the Mainlanders. The production starting date of TSMC plants in the United States is from March to June next year. Can the CCP invade Taiwan next June? Of course not”. Therefore, Xu Chenghuang saying this is just propaganda to the people of the Mainland.

Chinese intellectuals also incited to smash Taiwan and send people from the Mainland to Taiwan. 

According to Taiwan’s Newtalk, in May last year, in an important speech titled “China-US relations and the situation in the Taiwan Strait,” Li Yi, a “scholar” on the CCP’s military unification, advised the CCP. He said, “We must be ready to resist a nuclear war to reunify Taiwan by force,” he also uttered extravagant words declaring that even “smashing Taiwan” is nothing, just immigrating people from the Mainland is enough.

Li Yi is a supporter of anti-Americanism and the military reunification of Taiwan. People call him the “national teacher” of the CCP. In April 2019, Li Yi was forcibly expelled from Taiwan by the Chinese government for participating in political activities that are not suitable for tourist visas.

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