Recently, fires have continuously occurred in many logistics areas and logistics warehouses in China. Moreover, these incidents happen in different regions with close time frames.

Fires broke out one after another from February to April. The following 3 caught fire on April 27, 25, and 10, respectively:

A logistics park in Linyi City, Shandong province
A warehouse in Anlin commerce Logistics Area, Guangdong province
A logistics company on Shanghai Road, Anhui

On March 12, a fire broke out at a logistics warehouse in Baoshan District, Shanghai. Fifteen days later, another fire broke out at a container in the logistics area on Luowen Avenue, Guangxi province.

On February 22, the Yiwu Fire Department, Jinhua City, Zhejiang province, said that a fire broke out at a logistics park and burned many vehicles carrying goods.

Chinese state media all reported that the cause is under investigation. However, this is similar to the barn fires in China four years ago, said Lu Tianming, a current affairs observer in the United States.

He told the Chinese language media Da Ji Yuan that some in the industry knew that the rice reserves had been illegally sold out. So they just burned it up and blamed natural disasters or accidents.

Apollo News commentator Wang Duran said that there might be more fires of this type, apart from the reported ones, given the current state of corrupt officials reselling raw materials.

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