Several days ago, a video showing a man climbing down the outer wall of a high-rise building attracted a lot of public attention.

As reported by Creaders, the boy from Guizhou is only 16 years old. He decided to climb from the 37th down to the 3rd floor on the outside of the building after a quarrel with his parents on the afternoon of May 27.

As shown in the video, he is wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans, and only socks. He acted strangely during the process.

After the emergency call, the firefighters rushed to arrive, but the teenager continued to climb down.

Fearing that sudden intervention potentially would cause the youngster to be frightened, the rescue team approached quietly and managed to catch him on the third floor.

Although the building is more than 100 meters high, it took only just over 10 minutes for him to get down the 34 floors.

It is said that he is physically in good condition.

After his rescue, the teenager stated that his feet were bound, so he just wanted to climb down.

Nevertheless, because the meaning of his statement is unclear, he was subsequently sent to the doctor for examination.

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