Recently, some bizarre environmental phenomena have occurred in different places in China. For example, the sky in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province, China’s vast region, was blood red.

While science tries to provide a scientific explanation for these meteorological events, ancient culture had its own.

A very rare phenomenon called the “Yin and Yang” sky appeared in Beijing on May 9. What was the reason for this?

The Chinese media outlet Timed News quoted a source saying that a “wall of clouds” appeared in the sky of Beijing. The sky was perfectly divided between the blue sky and the white clouds. Half of the sky was covered by white clouds, while the other half had no trace of clouds.

In ancient times, a cloudy sky was considered one of the “21 signs of great malevolent force.” People used to be afraid whenever the “Yin and Yang” sky appeared.

Previously, netizens captured a rare scene of the blood-red sky in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province, at 8 pm on May 7. Some people wondered if this resulted from a solar storm, but could not explain what the light source was as it happened at night.

Mainland netizens think that the horrible blood-red sky is an ominous sign, warning people of an incoming catastrophe. Such astonishing occurrences have sparked all types of emotional comments on social media.

Besides, many parts of China have recently seen phenomena such as the sun halo or phantom sun. In folklore, ancient people considered such phenomena to be bad luck.

In addition to the “Yin and Yang” sky, the “thunderbolt snow” phenomenon is very popular in rural areas of China according to Timed News. Since ancient times, the Chinese have believed that when “thunder and snow” appeared, it was a sign of various disasters.

The “thunderbolt snow” extreme weather took place in Shenyang recently and made many elderly people worried that something big would happen.

The “castle-shaped” or altocumulus castellanus cloud is also a kind of climate phenomenon that represents the sign of the malevolent forces in the Chinese ancestor’s view. For example, last December, in China’s Liaoning Fushun region, a castle-shaped cloud suddenly appeared. Half of the clouds were dark, while the other half was clear.

Although these phenomena have been reported more frequently lately, some strange things have happened in the last few years. Almost a year ago, on May 21, 2020, a scary meteorological event took place in Beijing.

Edward Lawrence, BBC camera journalist, turned to Twitter to share videos showing that the sky in Beijing turned black at about 3:30 PM, as many other social media users did, too. The black skies were followed by fierce lightning and thunderstruck, developing into torrential rain.

By coincidence or causality, also on May 21 at 3:00 PM, China’s top leaders were holding their two annual meetings in Beijing: the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the National People’s Congress, as The Times of Israel reported.

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