A rare sight; Numerous blue lakes appear in Taklamakan Desert

China has experienced unusual weather changes this year. The south has suffered from drought, while other places have been affected by heavy rains causing floods.

According to Chinese media Sohu, in August 2022, many rivers and main streams in the upper reaches of the Tarim River basin continued to experience floods exceeding warning levels due to heavy rains.

According to a report by China Central Station TV on October 18, this year is the largest amount of water from the Tarim River in Xinjiang in the past ten years. As a result, the river overflowed into the nearby Taklamakan Desert. Footage shows a rare sight in the vast golden sand desert, where blue lakes have appeared.

Typhoon Nesat would join forces with cold air and bring strong winds to South China

According to the Hainan provincial meteorological agency, typhoon Nesat strengthened to a strong typhoon level and began to weaken at sea on October 18.

However, Min Yuqiu , a meteorological analyst for China Weather Network, said that “Nesat” has the characteristics of strong peak intensity and significant wind after combining with cold air, a long impact time, and a wide range.

Soon, when the cold air moves south, typhoon “Nasa” will join forces with it to bring strong winds and rain to Southern China, creating severe conditions over a large area.

Unique Mount Maiji in the shape of a wheat stack

Maiji Mountain, located in the West Qinling Mountains, is a solitary peak. With its unique beauty in the form of the wheat stack and its age of more than 1000 years, this is a scenic spot that attracts many tourists.

The scenic spots of Maiji Mountain have a total area of 83 square miles, including the four great scenic locales. Among them, the Maji Grottoes are the most beautiful.

Maijishan Grottoes is a world-famous art treasure. There are currently 194 caves, including more than 7,200 clay and stone sculptures from the 4th to 19th centuries; the large Buddha statues are also prominent. Besides, a notable feature of Maijishan Grottoes is the location of the incredibly thrilling caves, most of them excavated on the cliffs. Visitors have to go along treacherous cliff pathways to visit these caves.
Additionally, the landscape around Maiji mountain is stunning. A video shows the trees interwoven with the clouds and mist slowly flying over the peaks. This particular scene is the Maiji Misty Rain, one of the eight picturesque locations in the Tianshui Region.

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