Huge ‘egg yolk moon’ appeared in the sky of Jincheng, Shanxi.

According to Jimu media, a man filmed a rare phenomenon in which a huge “egg yolk moon” appeared in the sky of Jincheng, Shanxi, on October 9.

The video shows the egg-yolk-colored moon hanging like a big ball in the sky. As the camera zooms in, the moon on the horizon is even bigger than the road sign ahead.

After the video was uploaded to the internet, it caused a heated discussion among netizens, and so far, there have been more than 40,000 comments. Some netizens posted their shots of the supermoon in the comments. And others were curious about “why the moon is like a huge egg yolk-colored.” [video]

On October 12, the staff of the Jincheng Meteorological Bureau confirmed that a huge egg-yolk moon did appear two days ago. However, no one has given a reason why the moon is reddish-yellow.

Corpse bride trafficking for ‘Ghost marriages’ in China.

“Ghost marriages” was an old custom that began in the 10th century of the Song Dynasty. This millennia-old custom believes that a dead man without a wife will be extremely unlucky. This bad luck affected not only his family but also his clan. Therefore, people believe burying deceased bachelors alongside newly dead wives will resolve this problem.

Because of the blind superstition in many parts of China, the trafficking of women’s corpses has begun to bloom in recent times. It’s not just trading; some criminals dig and steal corpses to do “ghost marriages.”

Ghost brides are sold for up to thousands of dollars depending on their beauty and youthfulness. The price of a young corpse on the black market can be as high as $30,000. Not only that, but many brokers also sell corpses to many different families, even killing young girls.

Many cases have been exposed, but this situation is still silently continuing. People had to protect their dead loved ones by building solid graves near their homes instead of in distant cemeteries. Wealthier families will build fences and install surveillance cameras.

New regulations: One day and two times testing nucleic acid at Zhengzhou High-tech Zone.

Since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic in China, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has always considered nucleic acid testing a pivotal method to achieve the “zero-COVID” goal.

Many cities in China are stepping up to control the spread of the COVID pandemic by requiring people from elsewhere to have nucleic acid tests three times on three consecutive days.

Recently, in the Zhengzhou high-tech zone, a stricter regulation has been introduced requiring people to take nucleic acid tests twice a day.

According to Chinese media, from October 12, Zhengzhou High-tech Zone will carry out nucleic acid testing for everyone for three consecutive days, two daily tests. In addition, the health code system will remind residents who do not participate in nucleic acid screening.

Many people joke that: Once the nucleic acid test is done, you can go back to the end of the line to wait for the next turn.

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