On Sunday, October 16, a pro-democracy protester from Hong Kong was taken inside the grounds of the Chinese consulate in Manchester in the UK and beaten up before a police officer rescued him. A week after the beating, the incident escalated to a major diplomatic incident.

According to Chinese media Xin Tang Ren, on October 23, a number of organizations in at least 11 cities, including London, Manchester, and Birmingham, staged protests calling for the deportation of Chinese officials who had beaten Hong Kong residents.

In London, more than 500 protesters gathered in front of the prime minister’s office before marching 1.6 miles to the Chinese embassy.

The heavy rain couldn’t prevent the crowd from protesting.

During the two-hour demonstration, demonstrators held up a portrait of the Chinese leader that was purportedly taken by Manchester’s Chinese consulate staff.

Hong Kong people also took the street to protest to support the attacked Hong Kong and say no to CCP.

Other banners like “End the CCP”, “Deport the CCP officials who attacked innocent Bob Chan”, “Free Hong Kong- revolution now”, etc. can be seen during the protest.

Benedict Rogers, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Hong Kong Watch, mentioned other incidents like the Uyghur genocide, the atrocities in Tibet, the persecution of Christianity and Falun Gong in China, and Hong Kong issues. He then said that what happened last Sunday was a wake-up call when people witnessed first-hand the inhumane and brutal atrocities committed by the Chinese Communist Party. 

He also called for the expulsion of Chinese consulate personnel.
Last week, conservative MP Alicia Kearns said to the House of Commons that Zheng Xiyuan, Beijing’s consul general in Manchester, was witnessed “ripping down posters” before a Hong Kong campaigner was beaten.

In the footage, Zheng, a veteran Chinese Communist Party official, allegedly destroyed a poster before pulling the hair of a protester.

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