Apollo News reported that to help people in China withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the Global CCP Quit Service Center recently launched the “Global CCP Quit Network” app.

After installing this application, Chinese in Mainland China can directly log in to the CCP withdrawal website to state their departure from the scandalous force without performing any firewall bypass techniques.

The application has a version for mobile phones using Android and a version for personal computers. Chinese people in Mainland China can download this app from tuidang.org.

According to the Global CCP Quit Service Center website, as of September 28, more than 402 million Chinese have withdrawn from CCP and its affiliated organizations.

The number of people quitting the CCP increased daily after the Epoch Times published the book Nine commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party, exposing the deceit, malice, and struggle nature of the CCP.

Specifically, the book points out the origin, and the process by which this organization has developed, deceived, and committed crimes against the Chinese people.

Nine commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party are spreading vigorously on the internet in all three versions, books, audio, and videos.

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