Shanghai’s prolonged lockdown has caused a lot of tragedies. Now that restrictions are easing, a wave of people is fleeing the city, especially students and workers who are willing to return to their hometowns. 

However, as Shanghai is an epidemic site, once people enter their hometowns, they need to follow local prevention measures. Most include undergoing a Covid nuclear acid test and staying in quarantine facilities. 

Some out-of-town college students complain that they have to pay a very high fee for the isolation period in their local areas after returning home. 

A video of a college student from Jiangxi is circulating on social media. This student traveled from Shanghai to his hometown in Nanchang on May 23. Because the price was high and the conditions of the isolation site were not good, he asked for a standard, lower charge. However, what he received back in response was the scolding and insult from the official.

In the video, the official can be heard shouting out loud:

“Don’t talk nonsense here. 

“Don’t come here. 

“You kidding me! 

“Did I invite you here?!”

On Wednesday, May 24, the Propaganda Department of the Party Working Committee of Nanchang High-tech Zone staff confirmed this case. The department said that the case is being investigated. But they do not reveal the specific identity of the man, who also claimed that the college students who returned home from Shanghai have been properly resettled. 

In another video, a college student returning from Shanghai to Nanchang questions the high cost of quarantine and demands a better treatment. She said that the isolation conditions are too poor. There is no air conditioning and no water, and the daily fee is as much as 500 yuan/day. This is almost 75 dollars, equivalent to a 3 star-hotel price tag. The students think this is too expensive. 

College student: 

“We can’t afford it, it’s too expensive, 

We can’t afford it, how much will it cost?”

Anti-epidemic personnel: 

“Don’t get excited. Don’t get excited!”

College student: 

“Why is this place different from a hotel, but charge the same price

“Today is the first day college students return home. 

“We came here following the Shanghai government’s request. 

“We were blocked in Shanghai for 75 days. 

I sit here every day.”

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