‘Bang!’ plane breaks in half

According to China Daily, a small blue helicopter crashed into a river during a flight from Changping district to Shidu Scenic Spot in Fangshan district, Beijing. The accident happened at around 3:30 pm. The two pilots on board died.

A witness described that he saw the helicopter descending. It was crowded, and because people had never seen a helicopter, they felt interested in looking at the aircraft passing by. It was flying quite close so that people could easily see it. There is an aerial cable car on the mountain. The helicopter then hit the big wire of the cable car, twirled, and plunged into the river. It rolled into the other side of the river, not far from the road. The emergency units came afterward.

Another witness said he heard a loud noise, “Bang!” then the plane fell and plunged in. At that time, the helicopter broke into two halves.

The helicopter was seriously damaged, but no casualties were reported on the ground. Then, it was announced that two pilots had died. 

The flight involved a company that provides private flight services, mainly with helicopters. The rescue team rushed to the site, and the investigation work is underway.

Chinese military vehicles pass through busy cities

Citizens have recently filmed a large number of military vehicles across the cities.

On July 6, in Pingnan county, Guiping city, Guangxi province.

Jiangsu province witnessed military vehicles on two consecutive days.

In Xuzhou city, on July 6.

On the morning of July 5, in Wuxi city.

Military trucks passed by near Fuxin city, Liaoning province, on July 3.

On June 30, a fleet of military trucks was also in Beijing.

Demon Eye or Angel Eye?

Here you can see the Aiken Spring in the Gobi desert of Mangya city, Qinghai province. This unique water spring is located at the foot of Kunlun Mountain. 

No grass grows in the surrounding area all year round due to its high sulfur content. 

No birds and animals dare to approach. It is a geothermal fountain that never stops in the year’s four seasons. The water spring constantly surges with a gurgling center when seen from above, like a big red-brown eye. Therefore, it has received many magical names, such as Demon Eye or Angel Eye.

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