Angry protests broke out in Tibetan against China’s stringent COVID measures

Lhasa city under lockdown began in early August as COVID numbers there and throughout China continued to rise. However, after more than 2 months, people still have to live under strict control because the COVID pandemic still cannot be eradicated.

According to RFA, on Oct.26, there was a protest that broke out in at least two locations in Lhasa due to angry people reaching their limit of endurance.

RFA’s composite video shows people gathering in large numbers against anti-epidemic staff in familiar white suits. Police were also at the scene to control the crowd.

The sources told RFA that the main reason for people’s protests was that they were prevented from going out to buy food and necessities. Up to now, there have been no major conflicts between the police and the public. However, if the pandemic control is not relaxed, some Tibetans have threatened to set themselves on fire.

At least 2 people have been killed in the wildfires in many days in Henan

Combined news from social media platforms in China shows that many huge forest fires broke out in many places during the week of the 20th National Party Congress. However, the state media did not have information about these fires.

It was not until October 25, after the end of the Party congress, that Caixin reported a Hunan province official confirmed that two firefighters died while fighting fires in the Xi’an District. The farewell ceremony was held on the morning of that day. He also said that the fire’s specific situation is still just statistics. Additionally, the relevant information will be published soon.

Video about the beautiful forest that nature bestows for China

No one can deny that China has colorful and natural beauty with many majestic forests.

Recently, Newsflare posted an aerial video in Chongqing, China, on October 22, showing the leaves of the redwood tree turning orange and red while the willow tree is still green. It can be seen that a unique road is also divided by trees into half green and half red in the autumn.

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