Undergraduate and graduate students from China’s medical universities have been mobilized to work on pandemic prevention. However, the students claim that they have not received fair treatment.

According to online information, by December 11, medical students from eight mainland Chinese universities or medical academies joined protests demanding their working rights.

On December 12, students working at the Jiangsu People’s Hospital in Nanjing gathered to voice their opinions on the hospital’s policy on the treatment of workers.

In a video shared by Twitter account @whyyoutouzhele, students shouted demands for equal pay among workers with the same job at the protest.

Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital and Nanjing Medical University refused to budge. They issued a statement saying they disagreed with equal pay for equal work, claiming it was a historical issue.

Students at Kunming Medical University also held a similar protest on December 12. They also raised the demand that workers should receive equal pay for equal work.

In addition, messages on the Internet claim that students at Kunming Medical University, when participating in pandemic prevention and control, are not provided with masks or proper protective equipment. 

They do not receive benefits when they are sick. And when they have symptoms of infection, they are not given medication but have to take care of themselves.

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