People’s anger over China’s three-year lockdown is exploding. On the evening of November 23, a large-scale protest took place in Haizhou district, Guangzhou city. At the same time, a riot at Foxconn in Zhengzhou entered its second night. In trying to suppress the riot the CCP bribed people with money and issued new regulations in the name of pandemic restrictions. They are expecting martial law.

There are many videos posted on the internet. Foxconn workers used tools such as long sticks and steel pipes to fight against the CCP’s army and police.

As revealed at the scene, tens of thousands of people were on the front lines.

Military and police weapons were seized.

Police used tear gas, and there was even a video where police are suspected of shooting at people.

There was an official announced that all Foxconn workers willing to return to home will receive 10,000 yuan each (about $1,400). On the morning of the November 24, a Foxconn employee confirmed that the money had been sent.

But those familiar with the CCP can easily see that there are great hidden dangers behind this.

First of all, based on the number of Foxconn employees, the government will have to spend hundreds of millions of yuan to bring these people home. The authorities in Zhengzhou or Henan may not be able to do so.

Second, in all the previous democracy struggles, the CCP did not settle the post-collapse funds.

And since the evening of the November 23, tens of thousands of military and police officers from surrounding cities marched to Zhengzhou. Some netizens even revealed that they saw a large number of police cars heading to Zhengzhou on the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway.

To receive the $1,400, Foxconn employees must submit personal information, which puts them at risk.

Sound of Hope a comment from a nervous netizen who told Foxconn employees that if they don’t want to be harmed, they can only rebel. One hundred thousand Foxconn employees should be enough to overthrow the Henan government, and don’t believe the promises of the CCP since this is only a delay before complete suppression.

What is even more worrying is that on the evening of November 23, the Zhengzhou city government held a press conference, announcing that it would start a 5-day pandemic fight. People are not allowed to go out unless absolutely necessary and people in high-risk areas should stay at home.

Some people think that this is actually a disguise for martial law in Zhengzhou.

The Foxconn protest was the largest protest since June 4, 1989 (Tiananmen Square massacre), and the participants were mainly CCP members and grassroots cadres, which is clearly different from other civil protests and has attracted international attention. Voice of America and other media have followed the reports.

Henry Gao, a professor at the Singapore Management University School of Law, tweeted, “It is interesting to combine with previous reports in the New York Times that many new workers are military veterans and Communist Party members recruited by the local government!”

Tao Jie, a Hong Kong writer, posted on Facebook that the Zhengzhou protest “isn’t called a riot, but according to the standards of the ‘Communist Manifesto,’ it was a rebellion.”

Eli Friedman, professor of industrial and labor relations at Cornell University, tweeted, “The uprising at Zhengzhou Foxconn is China’s most significant worker revolt in many years.”

It is worth noting that the mass exodus occurred on the evening of the November 23 in Haizhou District, Guangzhou city. People demolished checkpoints, rushed into the street, and clashed with people wearing protective suits.

Information from a local WeChat group shows that people from several villages have broken through the lockdown and roamed everywhere. Many of them have tested positive, some estimate that the entire Zhu Jiang River Delta will not be able to hold it.

Whether the first thing that causes the CCP to collapse is a popular uprising, a difficult-to-control pandemic, or an economic recession first caused by Foxconn, no one has a definite answer. But with so many crises pending, the CCP is indeed on the verge of collapse.

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