Universities in Bejing have closed their campuses for weeks as part of a pandemic prevention policy. The closures have triggered despair and disillusionment among Chinese youngsters.

Recently, many protests have taken place in different universities in China’s capital.

On the evening of May 24, hundreds of students of Bejing Normal University gathered at the school stadium.
They subsequently march around the campus, asking the school to clarify students’ final exams and vacation time.
They also demanded the university’s permission to return home for online classes.

The school administrators then make a verbal promise to allow students to apply to leave the school. Some students record a video at the time as proof.

Related posts about the protest on Weibo were quickly deleted within the day.

A day earlier, students from the China University of Political Science and Law protested to raise similar demands.

Protest organizers encouraged participating students to play the song “Do You Hear the People Sing?” on their mobile phones during the protest.

The university then released a notice that approved students’ applications to leave the school.

Protest also occurred at one of Beijing’s elite universities. On May 15, Peking University graduate students held a rare but calm protest after the school intended to install a temporary metal wall on campus. The purpose was to strengthen restrictions among students. However, the school’s instructors were allowed to come and go freely. School regulators barred students from ordering in food or having guests. Daily COVID-19 testing was mandated.

After that, university leaders met with student representatives and agreed to remove the sheet-metal barrier.

A student who had been confined on the campus for seven days before the protest says that students finally achieved their goals on May 22 night.

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