Around 200 people gathered near the White House on Sunday, December 4, to protest against the Chinese regime for its brutal zero-COVID policy that locked down many parts of the country, reports the Associated Press

The protesters held banners with “No Dictatorship, No Censorship,” calling for Chinese leader Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to step down. They also held up blank sheets of paper, a protest symbol that allows them to evade censorship in China, and chanted, “Free China!”

One protester told the AP, “I was encouraged by the courageous young people in China.” 

He added, “How can we not stand up after they did? I shall at least let them know they were not alone.”

Many people from ethnic and religious minorities, including Uyghurs and Tibetans, also joined the protest. These groups face repression and persecution under the Chinese surveillance state in China.  

The protest near the White House is the latest one, following many that took place worldwide to support demonstrations in China last week.

On November 29, overseas Chinese students gathered in major cities worldwide to hold vigils to honor fire victims and show their support for the protesters in China. Chinese students from elite Ivy League schools, such as Harvard and Columbia University, also held rallies. 

Protests erupted across China on November 25 as people expressed their outrage against Beijing’s stringent zero-COVID policy, triggered by a deadly fire that killed at least ten people in Urumqi. 

Meanwhile, world leaders called on Beijing to respect the Chinese people’s rights. The U.S. said it supported the Chinese demonstrators’ right to protest peacefully.

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